Rooms at Hotel Jahanvi Dale, Haridwar

Hotel Jahanvi Dale, Haridwar, creates a premium accommodation experience at the best price with its Shanti Lok room, Executive Rooms, and Family Suite. Our rooms with garden view and Ganga view, are equipped with modern amenities such as air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, television, wardrobe, laundry service and come with the 24 hours room service by our trained and professional staff. Our Executive Rooms and Family Suite offer a magnificent view of the sky and rushing river Ganga. Experience a premium stay at the best price at Hotel Jahanvi Dale, Haridwar.

Shanti Lok rooms at Hotel Jahanvi Dale Haridwar 4

Shanti Lok Room

These rooms are designed with plush wooden interiors and subtle colors and come with ample amenities.

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Executive Rooms at Hotel Jahanvi Dale Haridwar 5

Executive Rooms

These rooms offer a large king-sized bed with bedside window and a magnificent view of the beautiful sky and the river Ganga.

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Family Suite at Hotel Jahanvi Dale Haridwar 12

Family Suite

A premium family suite with equipped ample amenities and offers a magnificent view of the sky and River Ganga.

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Enjoy seamless access to the Internet during your stay at Hotel Jahanvi Dale, Haridwar.

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